Loving these metallic tattoos


Sex on The Beach, well… The Rocks

H. and I have found “our place”, I’m sure this time. It’s in a very close suburb. There’s a very clean and quiet park that’s never ever really crowded. H. and I biked there witb our lunch, Coke and two concealed cans of beer. We got there around five o’ clock, locked up our bikes. At the edge of the park are a bunch of huge rocks piled high and everyone sits on these rocks to look out over Lake Michigan.

H. and I ate our lunch, drank our sodas and listened to music on his mp3 player. He had even brought along a candle to burn that smelled lovely.

We climbed down to rinse our hands in the shallow water of the lake. While we were down there he asked me to give him a quick blowjob. I admit I was nervous, but I bent down and began to suck him off. His cock got hard fast and he suggested we fuck just a little, out in the open, with only the water watching. I bent over and he entered me while holding me at my waist. It was a quickie. He soon came. I did’nt, but I felt so scandalous that we had got away with, once AGAIN, a very public display of some serious affection.


Sunday- Naked and Afraid

H. and I were watching and episode of “Naked and Afraid” and we were lounging on his bed… I was enjoying my second can of beer and the air-conditioning, while he drank tea. I guessed the nudity on the show aroused him ( it did for me too) and he initiated sex. We got undressed and I began to blow his cock. Every now and then he would hold my head still and thrust his cock in my mouth until I began to gag a little…. I must have been doing a really GOODE job because he winced about three times and said, “I’m about to cum…” My response: “Good” with a smile and I continue. Then H. asks, “Do you want me to cum in your ass?” My response, “Whatever you want your majesty….”


Sex like pornstars… July 12, 2014

On Saturday H. and I were supposed to go to a neighborhood festival but it got rained out ,so we were at his place instead. We were already aroused before we got in, especially with me allowing him to look between my legs when we were parked outside of a grocery store earlier….

H. went to use the loo and I immediately stripped off my clothes and laid down on his bed, with my head at the foot of his bed, so that when he came back in he would get a prime look at my ass and pussy in the headboard mirror. That’s my “mirror seduction” move that has yet to fail me… So H. returns and immediately starts to open my legs wider so he can kiss my pussy… After a few minutes,  I get on my knees and start blowing him. As I’m doing so, his hands reach to finger my pussy while he looks at it in the mirror. We go back and forth for about 15 minutes. Soon, I’m on my knees while he’s fucking my mouth for about 10 minutes making me gag.
He puts on a condom, turns me around begins to ram his cock into me doggystyle. His roommates are gone so I’m allowed to scream and I do. He turns me onto my back and continues to roughly fuck me and it feels sooo goode… He climaxs hard. I don’t, but I’m not complaining because the foreplay was hott.


Love in The Afternoon : July 2, 2014

My phone bill was due July 2nd and since I forgot to remind H. about it over the weekend, he came up with the idea for me to come over to his apartment the day my bill was due and he’d give me the money. Already, I knew that that late morning/early afternoon would include him making me tea and breakfast and us having sex….

As I finished up my breakfast, he had already finished his food and had taken off his clothes and layed down on his bed. I put down my spoon, guzzled the last of my then lukewarm tea, threw off my clothes and joined him on the bed. I asked him if his cock wanted a ‘kiss’. “Yes, always”, his usual response. About ten minutes later, he was hard and began thrusting into me missionary-style… We had wasted enough time, eating and watching CNN, and he has to get ready to go to work, so he flipped me over and gave it to me doggystyle and soon he came… Afterwards, we lay side by side basking in the air-conditioning, wishing we could lay like that all day…. but then again,  he had to leave for work….